Monday, November 26, 2012

Imprint of Bird on Window

This is the imprint a bird left when it flew into my friend Ashdin's office window in Houston.
It looks like a dove.
I showed this image to some artists at work & they thought it was a photoshop project at first.
"No," I said, "This is just a photo.  A bird hit that window so hard that it left that mark.  Look at the fuckin' detail on that thing..."
Everyone gazed.
Ashdin has described it as kind of spooky.
Looks like a bird's ghost trapped in the glass.
It's even more vivid in person apparently.

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  1. This is very common in my home in Mexico. Birds see a reflection of themselves in a glass window, and they think it s another bird who they try to fight with. If they only knew it s their own reflection....